Jon Kovach Jr.          is an        International  Motivational Speaker

Jon Kovach Jr. is an award-winning and international motivational speaker and mastermind leader.
Jon has helped thousands of professionals overcome their challenges and achieve their goals through his 4 Irrefutable Laws of High Performance.
Jon is Founder of Champion Circle Networking Association. Jon is a National #1 Best-Selling Author.
Jon is the Mastermind Leader of the Habitude Warrior Mastermind and the Global Speakers Mastermind & Masterclass. Jon helps business owners save thousands of dollars through personalized merchant processing.

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Personal space for the open office —


Make a statement that will last a lifetime with our pieces.


You don't have to sacrifice feeling cozy for looking good.


We strive to make our products out of 100% recyclable goods.


Contemporary lines and a modern finish make for a beautiful home.

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The open office is full of noise. So we built a place with less. Our Room is a simple, affordable solution for the modern workplace. It's our way of making more room for everyone.

When we needed to get our shop up and running fast, Crafty was there to help us.
Michael Boaz
Seriously, could Crafty be any more awesome? I'm not sure it could...thanks!
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