Jon Can Increase Your Sales Team’s Productivity


As the number one accountability coach for Amplified Minds, Jon Kovach Jr. will coach, train, and help your teams implement a cohesive accountability program into your business. Jon leads coaching seminars on how to:

  • Identify visions and goals within the workforce
  • Reverse engineer goals through prioritizing your tasks
  • Utilize peer accountability through mastermind groups
  • Assigns a certified Accountability Partner to your salespeople

Jon’s accountability training will have your clients, sales teams and staff achieving greater levels of success, attaining outstanding metrics of productivity, and finding increased achievement in their careers. Jon’s Accountability Program training develops a positive company culture and morale and he ensures that implementation can increase company ROI.



Join Jon’s NextGen You Program!

The NextGen You program is a 1-on-1 coaching experience where Jon Kovach Jr. shows you have to achieve goals with peer and professional accountability. Jon takes you through his step-by-step methodology on how to:

  • Create a vision
  • Achieve goals faster and more efficiently
  • Mastermind challenges
  • Be motivated with Accountability Partners
  • Enhance your life
  • Advance your personal achievements