Book Recommendations

The majority of C-suite executives and many other successful people all have at least one thing in common–they all read books!

I’ve made a commitment to myself to read at least 1 book each week for the rest of my life. In order to recommend good books and resources to my readers, I’ve created book reviews for each of the books I find fascinating and helpful to the young professional, entrepreneur and disruptors.

Books read in 2018 (Ranked by most recommended top to bottom)

The 10X Rule – Grant Cardone

Getting to Yes – Roger Fisher, William L. Ury, Bruce Patton, William Ury

Positivity: The Powerful Beginning – Matt Fritzsche

Prosper: Create the Life You Really Want – Ethan Willis and Randy Garn

The Zig Zag Principle – Rich Christiansen

The Closer’s Survival Guide – Grant Cardone

Dominate – Grant Cardone

Take the Stairs – Terry Drabant